Your #1 Home Asset Should be Spectacular!

A kitchen is more than just another room. It’s the room where you will gather to prepare meals and is the heart of the home where family relationships are built over conversations that take place over food. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. When it comes to designing a kitchen for a new home build or kitchen design remodeling, call on an expert. In the Tampa Bay area, Bayou Homes is the one group of experts who have the recipe to make your dream kitchen a reality without breaking your budget.

Your kitchen should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle.

Hidden Surprises to Avoid

There is more to renovating a kitchen than most weekend warriors realize. A typical remodel can take several weeks or even months to properly complete. It’s usually more than picking out new cabinets or changing the color of a back splash. To do it right, it usually involves an interior design expert, a general contractor, electrician or even an architect and definitely a qualified plumber.

Start by considering how you use your kitchen and what you need to improve. From there, begin to set goals and plan the remodel that will fit within your budget. Consider your family’s needs as well as practicalities for entertaining. After all, the kitchen is the room where party guests usually end up gathering.

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Planning Equals Purpose!

The options are almost endless. Consider colors, back splash materials and styles, whether or not you want to integrate an island, lighting, wood, vinyl, or what kind of flooring, granite, marble, quartz or other styles of counter tops, and proper venting for cooking. Select a design that will provide adequate storage, seating, and work space. Experienced designers will guide you through the best flooring, counter tops and appliance options for your needs and style.

Take your plans for the kitchen you want off of the back burner and get it started today. Bayou Homes by Design has provided beautiful kitchens in many homes throughout the Palm Harbor, FL; Ozona, FL; and the Tampa Bay area for more than 15 years. It’s time to rely on an expert for your new kitchen you will love.

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